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For the Zodiac Collectors…
This constellation pack is an assemblage of the 12 horoscopes. Read the full description below.
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The Dark Nebula Constellation Pack is an assemblage of the 12 horoscopes.

“Don’t wait for the stars to align, reach up and rearrange them the way you want… create your own constellation” – Pharrell Williams

The Dark Nebula Constellation Pack could be to manifest on the power colour of your sun, moon and rising in order to enhance your best quality OR a simply fun pack to share with your family and friends without the judgement of what type of drink is in your hand.

4.5% ABV

1.2 Standard Drinks

This smooth dark ale is inspired by the concept of a Dark Nebulae where a high concentration of dust forms the interstellar clouds, they scatter and absorb all incident optical light making them completely opaque.

Creating this Dark Nebula sensation on your palate with sensational coffee roast aromas packed with just enough nutty chocolate and malty finish left lingering on the tip of your tongue taking you on an Interstellar journey.

It is paired deliciously with spicy appetisers or along side a mix berry tart for dessert!

Fire Signs

Aries, Leo and Sagittarius are governed by fire, the element of fame, charisma and loyalty.

Those born under this sparkling element are true sources of creativity since all of their energy moves them deep down inside. They are real passion machines, making their dreams come true makes every step that they take make sense (which are real adventures).

Also, their influence on the world of creativity isn’t limited to everything that they’re able to create, but also how they inspire others. They’re like muses to people that are lucky enough to be in the presence of these signs, whether this is in one place or another… and especially in love and the short-term.

Earth Signs

Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn are governed by earth, the element of wealth, food and wine.

People born under this element are characterized by their capacity to bring solidity to ideas that others come up with since, without the valuable realistic lens that earth signs have, nothing would ever come true.

There are people that find them to be a bit cold and calculating since they tend to put their heads before their hearts when it comes time to make decisions, but let’s not lie to ourselves: Beneath this shield that seems to distance them from the rest of the world and from human passions, there is an extremely tender and sensitive interior.

Air Signs

Gemini, Libra and Aquarius are governed by air, the element of intellect, politics and art.

We find ourselves before the most restless learners of the 12 signs, that always go against the routine. This is why their personalities are always in search of new experiences, something that serves as a motor in their search for novelties and stimulants wherever they go.

Those born under an air sign are great communicators with the innate ability to interact with others. They love endless conversations and they find true joy in stimulating conversations.

But the ethereal air signs don’t just inhabit the world of ideas, since their more worldly and human side makes them feel truly touched by beauty (and they are really sensitive to this).

Water Signs

Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces are governed by water, the element of deep emotions, imagination and intuition.

No one is as intense as they are, this turns their ability to feel into the most essential part of their being: This is the starting point of their unpredictable personality that’s full of nuances. It could be said that they’re the richest when it comes to emotions since their extreme sensitivity makes them experience a wide array of feelings, time and time again. They’re like an emotional rollercoaster and they bring to their relationships, both romantic, family, friendships, and even in the workplace.

But this is also due to the fact that they have a highly developed sense of empathy that allows them to easily understand the people around them to whom they offer their altruistic support that’s also characteristic of this element.

Liquor Licence No. LIQP770017506

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