Meat Free Meat Delivery

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Meat Free Meat Delivery

Get Meat Free Meat delivered to your door (or collect your order from a local supplier). Buy directly from farmers, butchers and small businesses in your local.

Meat Free alternatives have gained in popularity over the years. But for those who have never tried, what exactly is it? It’s a meat free, vegetarian meat alternative that often has the same texture and taste as meat. They are most commonly made from soy and vegetable protein and packed with nutrients. Don’t pass it until you try it. Some options are super tasty and you wouldn’t know the difference unless you were told so. At The Food Lovers Marketplace you can shop from a range of farmers, artisan producers, small batch producers and small businesses in your area and around Australia.

Discover the amazing talent we have in our neighbourhoods and supports the smallest of small businesses. Shop online, get to know suppliers, contribute to the brands you consume every day.

Select ‘Meat Free Meat’, add in your location and through geolocation search, you will find sellers in your local area. You can even chat with suppliers to see if product is customisable. Check their delivery options as some small businesses only offer local pick-up which may be ideal for you.

Local is and always will be our future. By substituting imported products for local ones, you can help support Aussie Farmers and butchers.