Genius Food Hacks

Genius Food Hacks

We’ve put together a list of genius food hacks that will have you questioning how on earth you’ve done life until this moment. Yeah, I scratched my head through a few of these too. 

Mash potatoes with a handmixer

Yeah I know, it’s a simple solution. But why have I been putting my back into it all these years?

Grate cold butter

Use a cheese grater to soften solid butter. This is an epic solution especially in Winter when you almost have to have a fight with your knife to get a descent spread. 

Use an ice-cream scoop to mould meatballs

So turns out I’ve been getting my hands all messy for absolutely no reason at all. Any one else feel ma pain?

Non-stick your spoons

When scooping up syrups and honey, first dip your spoon in hot water to avoid the substance sticking to the spoon. This is the part where I’m like…but what am I meant to lick off the spoon then?

Seperate onions and potatoes

Both potatoes and onions release gases and moisture that will cause the other to go bad easily. (Did not know this).

Shake garlic

Shake garlic in a glass jar to peel. It avoids having smelly hands, plus there’s less clean up. Watch the tutorial here.

Food Hacks - Grate Butter

Easy peel potatoes

If you have many potatoes to peel, score the potato across the middle (the skin) and place it in a pot to boil. The skins will peel off post boiling. Watch how.

Peel mango with a glass in under 10 seconds

Perfect hack for mango season. Cut a mango in half. Use the lip of the glass and slide it under a cut half of mango to scoop. Watch the tutorial.

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